2048 was created in March 2014 by an Italian web developer who was inspired by the game of three’s. The then 19-year old Gabrielle Cirulli created the game in just one weekend and never expected the game to sky-rocket the way it did. It received over 4 million views just after its release. That’s massive. Irulli, however, has made the game freely available and does not want to make money off it as it’s not his original idea.

The games success has definitely taken Cirulli and others by surprise. It was released on open source platform GitHub and has since been adapted, re-worked and designed differently by many different app vendors.

Harsh criticism for 2048 puzzle game

There have been plenty bad reviews for the 2048 game based on the fact that it was not an original idea as Cirulli himself pointed out. Yet 2048 has definitely enjoyed far greater success than the game of threes.

2048 can be seen as a brain training game

The reason for this awesome puzzle game’s wide success is its simplicity. It also falls under one of the fastest growing game categories at the moment, brain training games. Because 2048 requires some planning and careful thinking, it’s surmised that it could definitely be beneficial for cognitive development and skills production. It, of course, wouldn’t make a massive difference over night, but prolonged playing could help you to think clearly and more logically.

We can only guess that 2048 will continue to grow as more and more game features are being added to the basic, simple design of Gabrielle Cirulli’s first version of this widely popular puzzle game.