You love the game, but still feel guilty when you play it because it takes so much of your time. Maybe you feel it’s time you could put into other areas of your life? Well, it may just be a game, but 2048 is a brilliant puzzle game that trains the brain. Yup, you read right. It’s excellent for a number of things and as with many other brain training games, it offers the opportunity to hone your skills.

Contrary to many beliefs, brain training games are not simply to help you prevent future neurological illnesses, they actually help hone the now.

How can you benefit from playing 2048?

Sleep is still an important part of your health, especially your brain’s health. Get good rest whenever you can.

Get your brain thinking on every level and by playing other stimulating puzzle games.

Set new goals that you can work towards and don’t give up, play until you reach those goals.

Puzzle games are intended to be stimulating and fun. Your brain also works very differently when you are no longer enjoying what you’re doing, so remember to always have fun.